A few unique ideas to help brides create wedding party favors

Unique wedding party favor ideas

You sit back and breathe a sigh of relief. You’ve just hung up the phone after confirming the last detail of your big day. Your maid of honor, who is busy in the kitchen putting the final touches on your homemade silk bouquets, looks in and asks you the one question you hadn’t thought of. What kind of favors are you going to have for your guests? You stare at her, unsure what to say. Party favors? No one said anything about party favors. What are you going to give to your guests as a memento of the day? Take another deep breath. There are many ideas, depending on your budget, and on your time and resources for creativity.

Up until a few years ago, the tradition was to shower the bride and groom with rice as they left for the reception. While this practice has become somewhat of a faux pas (it seems birds would eat the rice and it would expand in their stomachs making them sick or killing them), there are many alternative ways to give the happy couple a proper send-off. They will each require some amount of time and creative energy; you might want to consider employing a friend to help.

Wedding guest list etiquette Who to invite 300x300 A few unique ideas to help brides create wedding party favors

A few unique ideas to help brides create wedding party favors

The first, and probably most simple idea, would be small decorative bells. This can be as elaborate as you want, or have time, to make it. Print up small flags to tie onto each bell with the names of you and your groom, as well as the date and location of the ceremony. You can take them to a copy center and have them professionally printed in the colors of your wedding, or you can buy the paper and colored pens (markers may not make a fine enough line, causing you to have to make the flags larger than you intended) for a little bit of nothing at a craft store. Professional printing might be best for a large, formal wedding while handwriting the information would be more suited for a small, intimate wedding. Tie the flags onto the bells with a metallic thread that complements your colors and you have simple, yet classy favors with little stress involved in their creation.
You might also choose to offer a small bottle of bubbles to offset the bells. Attach the same flags to the bubbles and offer the bells to the men and bubbles to the women. The bubbles will replace the rice as something for your guests to shower you with since they aren’t using rice.

Another idea for a rice replacement would be small mesh bags of bird seed. Be sure to get the kind that is just small pellets and not the kind that contains sunflower seeds, those might hurt when you get hit with them, which is inevitable. Get enough material to make 8 inch squares for all of your guests. Put a small amount of the bird seed, approximately an eighth of a cup, in the center of the squares and tie them into bags with a length of ribbon in your other color or colors.

Even if you aren’t concerned with the rice tradition or if the set up of your wedding doesn’t give a prime opportunity for this tradition (ceremony and reception in the same building, for example) the bells and bags don’t loose their place as party favors. The bells can be used during the reception, possibly as a substitute for applause or as a call for a kiss. The bags can be filled with small mints or shelled nuts to tide the guests over while they wait for the food to be served.

Small candle holders with candles in your colors also serve as classy favors. A small wire mesh bag with handles (they look like gift bags) that can be found in large craft stores, makes for an original and innovative candle holder. Place a tea light or small votive candle in your wedding colors into the bottom of the bag and leave them on the tables at the reception, one at each place setting.

These are only a few ideas of what to give your guests to help them remember your special day. Hopefully you have found something here that you can use or something here has served as a springboard for you to come up with your own original and outstanding idea. All that is left is for you to relax and enjoy your big day.

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