A guide to wedding bridal veils: Styles, options and hair style tips

Selecting the hair style and veil that works best with your figure and face shape.

It’s your special day! You want to be stunning and elegant. Your choice of veil and hairstyle are quintessential to your overall appearance. There many websites and magazines available to today’s busy bride that the choices are overwhelming. This article provides some how-tos as well as websites to help make your selection process easier.

First, a brief mention of the difference between a veil and a headpiece. A headpiece is a tiara or headband while a veil is the actual piece that flows down your back (and sometimes comes over your face) and may attach via a comb. There are “standard” veils which are 72″ in length and can have one, two or three layers. The “extra full” veils which are 108″ in length. There are also “drop” veils, which literally lie on top of the head and drop down the front and the back of the bride, in generally only one layer. The “center gathered” veil is essentially gathered at the top of the head and drapes from the crown of the head over the shoulders and down the back. The center gathered veil comes in two layers. The “oval cut” refers to the shape of the veil, which is oval rather than “standard” veil which is a bit more round shaped. With all veils mentioned above each veil comes in several different lengths and layer choices.

A guide to wedding bridal veils 263x300 A guide to wedding bridal veils: Styles, options and hair style tips

A guide to wedding bridal veils

Many of today’s brides are choosing the tiara and veil combined look for a fresh twist to the classic look of the wedding veil. There are also a wide variety of styles of headpieces to choose from. Starting with “tiaras,” which are perhaps the most popular–are the princess style tiara, which is round with the back end open slightly for shaping to the head. “Bunwraps” are headpieces that are traditionally worn with the hair, as the name suggests, in a bun or similar updo. The veil, which is chosen separately, can be worn above or below the frame of the bunwrap. “Headbands” are the headpiece that is worn just like a regular headband. Again, your veil is attached underneath of the headband and can be removed after the ceremony if so desired. “Combs” are yet another style of headpiece which range from simple beads to elaborate flower designs attached to combs that slide into the hair and can be worn in a variety of places on the head, with or without a veil. “Crowns” are the final headpiece in which to choose, which resemble a typical, round crown.
Additional food for thought is whether or not to have edge decoration on your veil. Edging can be as simple or elaborate as individual as each bride. Edging ranges from satin ribbon, embroidery, piping, pearls and rhinestones. Use your imagination and creativity when selecting your veil!

With so many choices, how do you ensure the right one? Start with the shape of your face. Is it round (as wide as it is long), square (about as wide as it is long), diamond (widest at the cheeks with forehead and jaw line narrowing out and are nearly equal to each other), oblong or rectangular (your face is longer than it is wide), heart (narrow jaw, wider cheeks and forehead) or oval (length of face is about one and half times the width)?

The following are choices that are ideal for each face shape.

Round: To elongate your face, select a veil that is longer than it is wide. Tiaras work best for the round face. Avoid thick edging on your veil and wide bands in a tiara, headband or crown. Celebrities who have round faces include Drew Barrymore and Kate Winslet.

Square: To balance the symmetry of your facial features, select a veil and/or headpiece that have height at the crown of your head. Famous squares: Demi Moore and Isabella Rosellini.

Diamond: Nearly all styles work with this shaped face. Avoid excess heaviness of bangs or hair in your face. Celebrities with the diamond: Sophia Loren and Katharine Hepburn.

Oblong (sometimes called rectangular): Again, avoid anything heavy, excess bangs or other “weight” from your veil or headpiece. This includes thick edging or too many layers. Famous oblongs include Janet Jackson and Gweneth Paltrow.

Heart: Select a veil that is longer than wide, this will accentuate your features. Hearts on the big screen are Ashley Judd and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Oval: As with the diamond shape, most veils and headpieces will work. Your face shape is in the company of Jennifer Anniston and Julia Roberts.

A word of caution to all brides: when selecting jewelry for your wedding day, avoid from earrings that are the shape of your face (i.e., round should not wear round, diamond should not wear diamond shapes).

Another consideration for each bride is her hair. If you have short hair, you may decide a tiara or a simple comb is the best choice. However, if you have long hair, a bun or updo is perhaps the choice that best suits you. Some hair salons have consultants that meet with brides and assist in hair styles with the chosen veil. Check with local salons to see if one near you offers such consultations. With these hints and helpful tips, it will be a day your friends and family will not soon forget!

Much of the information presented here was obtained from various online sources. For your own research, I recommend doing an online search with your favorite search engine for bridal veils and hair styles.

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