24 Carat Gold Plated Mini iPad

Recently, 24 Carat Gold Plated Mini iPad has been introduced by London-Based Gold and Co. If you are looking forward to purchase a stylish luxurious hand set, then 24 Carat Gold plated mini iPad will be the perfect choice for you.

Plated iPad

gold plated ipad 24 Carat Gold Plated Mini iPad

gold plated ipad

Selling at a price of $329, this exclusive mini iPad is plated with gold. It is a perfect thing to behold. It gives a perfect outlook and no one will let it go without giving you a praising nod. This is among the limited edition release of Apple; therefore, if you have some extra money lying around, do not lose the opportunity of purchasing this excellent and beautiful 24 Carat Gold Plated Mini iPad.

The outer shell of this mini iPad has been replaced by gold, thereby, providing it a nice pretty outlook. It is black from the front and contains all the brilliant features and applications. With 24 Carat Gold Plated IPad mini in your hand, you will not feel a need to purchase the next edition of Apple tablet, as it is efficient enough and contains the entire outlook of the most contemporary form of Apple products.

Gold iPad

The buttons of this 24 Carat mini iPad is coated with bezel 24 carat of gold, thus making it shine like a mirror. One will definitely love this mini device at the very first glance. The coating of gold does not mean its just gold. It is coated with 24 CARAT GOLD actually, which makes it worthy of paying a high price.

The most amazing feature of this gold Ipad is that it does not have a factory lock on any devices; therefore, these iPads can be used in any part of the world.

One must never expect this outstanding device to be cheaper because of the appealing outlook and attractive features.  These 24 Carat Gold mini iPads are expensive enough to be purchased for the people who like to live their lives in a luxurious manner.

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