10 questions you shouldn’t ask your husband

Discusses 10 questions women should avoid asking their husbands. Some are serious, most are humorous.

Women should avoid asking their husband certain questions. Some things are better left unsaid. I compiled this particular list, based on my experience with my boyfriend, and from what I’ve observed in other couples marriages. My boyfriend also added some ideas on why he thinks women should avoid asking certain questions.

1. What do you think about my driving?

Apparently, men are still scared to ride in a car with us when we are driving. Men seem to be more comfortable behind the wheel than in the passenger seat. This may be because women have more near-accidents than men, when someone almost hits them, or she was having a bad day and wasn’t paying close enough attention to the road. So in essence, men truthfully fear for their lives and their wives every time she asks for the keys.

2. Are we lost?

This may be a no-brainer, but every time women ask their husbands if their lost, they are insulting their husbands’ masculinity. Men like to show their wives that they can do anything, and that they do not need help, so when we ask them when they are going to stop for directions, they become very defensive, because they feel like they have let us down.

3. Do you think she’s pretty?

While out with her husband, a woman notices a curvy blonde in a sundress eating ice cream with her friends, and nudges her husband, “Do you think she’s pretty?” Bad idea, ladies. While her husband is truly devoted to his wife, I can assure you, men’s eyes tend to wander, and he will notice pretty, curvaceous women. He just doesn’t want to comment on it his wife because it will make her angry, jealous, or insecure.

4. Was your ex better in bed than me?

This kind of follows question 3. No husband wants to compare his wife to his ex in bed. It just opens up a big can of worms that should never be opened. If he said his ex was better, his wife would always be striving to be as good as the perfect ex. If he said his wife was better, would his wife believe him or would she think he was just trying to pacify him?

5. Why you have to go golfing, out with your buddies etc every Saturday?

Wives should not try to stop their husbands from their regular Saturday outing, be it golf, or burgers and beer with the guys. Men need this escape from the domesticated life of wives, children, and household responsibilities, and would we really want them to admit that to us.

6. Do you like my mother?

This is a dangerous one because husbands really do try to like their Mother-in-law. They may not like the way she still tries to control their wife, and that scares them, especially when they see their wife mother and control them. Their worst fear is that their wife will become like their Mother-in-law.

7. What happened the night of your bachelor party?

Do wives really want to know this? Do we really want to hear the gory details about the gorgeous, half-naked stripper that gave him a lap dance and how he and all of his buddies were passed out for hours? I think it is best to keep his Bachelor and her Bachelorette party skeletons in the closet.

8. Does this make me look fat?

Every single male hates this question because either way they answer it they are in trouble. If a husband agrees that said item (skirt, jeans) makes his wife look fat, and was trying to be helpful, he is still going to be in the doghouse with a very angry wife. If he says she looks fine, and she does not believe him, he is in trouble, because she thinks he is lying. Either way the man can not win.

9. What do you wish I did differently?

Again, this sort of is like number 8. Husbands are wary of questions that include their wives asking them how they can change because then the husband has to pick out the wife’s faults. As much as the wife may have wanted constructive criticism, when her husband really starts offering it, she may react negatively, and once again, the husband is in the doghouse.

10. How much did you pay for my engagement ring and how many carats is it?

This question can be just plain tacky. Women should never ask their husband how much money he spent on her ring. As long as she time and effort in to picking her ring, and they have a love-filled relationship; that is more important than how big the rock is, or many thousands of dollars he paid for it.

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